Coffee with St. John's Wort and some other herbs, spices and seeds.

Our coffees are completely natural, chemical-free healthy products that are produced by mixing various spices, herbs, seeds and extract powders with high quality coffees in certain proportions.

They have functional properties. Each one is designed for a specific disease group.



One tea spoon of coffee (approx. 4-5 g) is poured into a cup of approx. 200 cc, then boiled water and/or milk is added over it, mixed and drunk after a few minutes.

It can be sweetened with honey.


Natura's Healthy Coffees


1. COFFEE with Carob & Ginseng Herbal Mix

2. COFFEE with Lavander Herbal Mix 

3. COFFEE with Mate Herbal Mix


4. COFFEE with Elderberry & Echinace &  Propolis Herbal Mix 


5. COFFEE with Clove Herbal Mix.


and some others for a healthy life...