NATURA Company produces natural products for more than 25 years in TURKEY. It aims to offer natural and healthy nutritional products to the people for support of their healthy lives.
Our products are natural herbal teas, mixes, coffees, drinks, vinegar extracts, oils, pastes, black teas etc, all of which have fuctional properties.
Under the lights of scientifical data, we are in effort to make correct combinations of traditional herbal medicine and modern medical applications in order to obtain most beneficial results, and it is a pleasure for us to say that we manage it.
Our products are produced with the registration certificate of TR-06-K-009392 from Turkish Food and Agricultural Ministry, and with the brands named BAMIX and SAREX registered by Turkish Patent Institute. NATURA has also international quality certificates including GMP and HCCP.
NATURA products are completely natural and contain no chemical or herbal components having toxicity and/or side effects.